Vodacom explains why its Uncapped 5G products have caps


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May 24, 2010
Vodacom hard caps its "uncapped" Home 5G products — here's why

Vodacom launched uncapped home 5G products in July 2022. However, the packages cut subscribers off after reaching a certain usage threshold raising questions about whether they are genuinely "uncapped".

While other fixed-5G providers implement fair usage policies (FUPs) on uncapped services, limiting speeds once subscribers consume a set amount of data, none implements a hard cap as Vodacom does.
Don't call it uncapped then. Call it big limit 10000 alpha pro plus 24
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“Our Home Internet products (including 5G) are designed to provide our customers with a ‘fibre-like’ connectivity for the home, especially in underserved areas,” a Vodacom spokesperson said.

No, it doesn't. Fibre is pure uncapped!

If it was fibre-liked it would be uncapped as well.
Uncapped and caps in the same heading :X3:
Did you notice how they try avoid getting quoted using the word cap. Their marketing department must have sent a memo out telling everyone to avoid using that word. Its been replaced with Hard Lock.
It's capped and throttled with added FUP for even more throttle.

I am struggling to see the advantage.