Vodacom just turned 235MB into 500MB. Their counters must be broken, as usual.


Apr 30, 2013
This morning I got an SMS from Vodacom telling me that my 500MB data bundle for the month had expired. This is a new sim with their 3GB or 500MB/month for 6 months data promo loaded (R150 upfront cost).

Went and checked my data usage on my Android phone and it said 235MB consumed since 1 Feb.


Now having used Axxess, Afrihost and Vox data sims over the last couple years I had only heard the rumors that the big guys were screwing ppl out of their data (I've had no probs with the accuracy on the above 3).

But now I understand.

I'm just pleased this is only R150 down the drain, and since there was no airtime loaded, no OOB charges (That's where the parasites really would have dug in).

Calculated as 230MB(effective) x 6 months for R150 makes it an effective 11c per MB. Should have stuck with Axxess at 6c per MB (and the full 500MB for the month).

I was hoping to move away from the dual SIM requirements when having a separate data SIM, but it seems this will have to wait a little longer. I'm ok with that, considering the control it brings.

Also reminded me never to give vodacom my money again.

If any of the MyBB staff read this. A test of all the current Month-Month Data sim providers for data measurement accuracy would be an awesome test.

Axxess/Afrihost/Vox/MTNprepaid/VodacomPrepaid/CellC/Telkom all with a 500MB\30day data bundle loaded.

Run an Android phone with an app that sends a controlled 50KB -> 5MB data dump to a server every minute or so (as long the sequence is able to be replicated), then run something like NoRootFirewall to deny all other apps internet access. After a couple of days see how depleted the data bundles are (or run to depletion and see how many days it takes).

Now that should show up the sharks nicely.