Vodacom price increase analysis - April 2024


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May 24, 2010
Vodacom's contract and data plan price hikes analysed

While Vodacom South Africa's average annual tariff hikes for contract and broadband customers are below inflation, those with SIM-only packages without optional value-added services will get above-inflation price increases.

Vodacom announced the price adjustments, which will take effect from 1 April 2024, in a media statement and notices on its website on Friday, 23 February 2024.
annual tariff hikes
"I tell you kids, when we were young we walked barefoot over the mountain, through the snow to get to school and our contract installments wasn't hiked mid contract. Those were the days."
Next up is us prepaid guys. I can see them increasing the tarrifs.
Quite honestly.

You have wifi at home, wifi at work and at friends.

All you basically are is buying a phone that you will pay off.

1. You dont really need to call anyone. You can whatsapp call everyone. You just need data
2. You dont need to message anyone, you can whatsapp everyone
3. Even you can do banking free without airtime and message businesses via whatsapp.

So why do you need airtime or sms. You just need data.

So what I do. I have a telkom data plan on my phone. Pay R99 for 61 days for 7.5gb daytime and 7.5gb night on telkom. Over than that I dont spend a cent more.

And yes I would rather buy a note 20 ultra 2nd hand for 8k then spend 1300pm x36 on a newer one to do what with? Use whatsapp and take photos.

So before you think you really need that phone with all the extras you dont. But basically 10k a year saved is a good deposit on a house etc
I still want to know how you can change contract terms and then not allow someone to cancel.
This is becoming normal to just increase tariffs. This has never happened since the start of contracts but recently it’s becoming the norm to have a fixed contract increase yearly.