Vodacom reveals Rain roaming details


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Jun 28, 2017
Vodacom reveals Rain roaming details

Vodacom’s relationship with Rain is under investigation, with concerns that Vodacom is unlawfully accessing Rain’s spectrum and offering access to infrastructure on a discriminatory basis.


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Jun 5, 2014
Deals behind closed doors guaranteed. Deals we will find out 10 years from now.


Jan 11, 2013

Its all a money making scheme and to say we don't pay charges, we do!!! Suddenly ALL my phones, one from each service provider, does NOT work UNLESS roaming is on! With If I am understanding this news clip correct. Telkom says it uses mtns tower, MTN says it uses vodas tower and so it goes on!!! Passing the buck!!! Never ever have I had to activate my roaming till recently and suddenly! Where there's a way there's a will and stealing money like that where WE CLIENTS DON'T have the choice is BS! ALL NETWORK providers are doing this and selling services that are simply not true or existing!!! My BB I still use BIS R59 and the service provider mtn doesn't give me uncapped internet, emails and social services. If I DonT have airtime on my phone it simply doesn't work at all! Since 2yrs ago now and still not solved!!! Call after call, mth after mth! Loaded R30 Friday morning and made my first attempt to call only to be told I have insufficient funds to make a call!!! 2 of my mtn nrs. Smart phones are no longer a benefit for us but for the service provides that have FULL AND TOTAL control of the network. We must just keep buying data and airtime. Same with ANY uncapped data contract! All goes well for the first 2 weeks and then they throttle the services so that watching movies etc....becomes impossible and unpleasant. We are puppets on a string! Transparency does NOT exist in ANY network provider!!! Dump smart phones and use them ONLY in free WiFi areas, get a normal call that smses and calls and check emails on WiFi free areas too! See how much you save! Its worth a try!
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