Vodacom Robot voice Faux Pas


Executive Member
Jul 30, 2008
I just got another call from my overly friendly vodascum robot about yet another stupid competition (where you jump through hoops and are expected to get exited and so on) and got doubly irritated..... the guy clearly has no concept of how you say Ahwhe. He did the heresy of shouting aaaawheeeh as if it's a normal word where clearly there the most major emphasis should never be on the a but on the slowly fading e...... this is a crime against cape culture :ROFL:

Seriously though could they not at least have gotten a colourd if they were gonna do this? I'm feeling seriously awkward now for the poor guy that recorded this abomination.

EDIT; I'm sure if they forced him to add "my bra" it would have sounded worse :ROFL: