Vodacom Signal issues in Pinelands, Cape Town


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Sep 25, 2012
Hi all.

Anyone hear familiar with Vodacom's signal issues in Pinelands?

I am an IT Technician, and was called out to look at connectivity issues affecting a Midwife practice in Pinelands, and was absolutely shocked to see the state of phone reception in that part of Pinelands, apparently they are in a blackspot, even outside the building it's not good. My phone switched to "Emergency calls only" I carry a R216 Router with me, which I use for Rain, even the signal there cut out, and wasn't usable.

They have card machines which is 3g based, sometimes they need move the machines to the other side of the room for it to work, and this for me is unacceptable, and I have never before seen anything like it in a built up suburban area. Other areas, such as Newlands, Edgemead, Constantia are similarly built, with plenty of trees etc, and I have never before had any issue in those areas, so why Pinelands?

Vodacom apparently are aware of issues in that part of Pinelands, but have done very little to attempt to rectify the problem.

If anyone can advise me as to what could be done, it would be greatly appreciated.