Vodacom The Glen Mall ripping me off


New Member
Feb 16, 2021
Please help me get justice, Vodacom the Glen mall granted me a monthly contract for a Samsung S20 FE device with a monthly fee of R728.00. The device was faulty that i took it back, they booked it in for repairs and i was charged R967.00 (on top) even though it was supposed to be under warranty, the phone came back with more problems and i returned it again, it has been over a month and half now without using the device but Debit orders are processed successfully each time. I have been calling them constantly to no avail. All i want now is that they give me a new phone which is worthy the payed money or they cancel the contract if they can not give me a better device. I have been struggling to get a phone just to use for my daily needs.

Please assist.
Which channels to take.