Vodacom to pay ex-worker for "Please Call Me" idea

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Oct 16, 2018
Vodacom to pay ex-worker for "Please Call Me" idea

Vodacom Group Ltd. is paying out “reasonable compensation” to a former employee of the South African mobile-network operator for his idea to develop a popular call-back service after a former chief executive officer first took credit for the product.

The settlement comes almost a decade after Kenneth Makate started court proceedings against Vodacom for credit and financial compensation for the service that allows customers with a zero balance on their mobile phones to contact someone free of charge with the SMS message ‘Please Call Me.’
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Jul 5, 2009
This article was based on a press release by Vodacom, which has subsequently been denied by Makate: https://ewn.co.za/2019/01/12/please-call-me-creator-nkosana-makate-denies-vodacom-payment-agreement

Please Call Me” inventor Nkosana Makate has denied claims by telecommunications giant Vodacom that they've granted him a reasonable payout for his invention.

Makate and Vodacom have been involved a legal battle for almost a decade now, around the ownership rights of the “Please Call Me” feature which allows customers to send the SMS message with zero balance on their phones.

Makate alleges that Vodacom stole the idea from him while he was an employee of the company, however, the network provider denies this.

He said: “I haven’t reached any deal with Vodacom, I was dumped with some determination that the deal was done. We are reviewing that and we will be taking it up further.”