Vodacom USSD service numbers - Vodacom account information


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Nov 11, 2009
These are the Vodacom USSD service numbers to be dialled from your cellular handset.

Vodacom USSD Services

*100# Dial (Prepaid Only)

Balance Enquiry

  • (Balance displayed on handset)
  • 100*01*Recharge PIN# Dial (Prepaid Only)

Recharge of prepaid account

  • (Account topped up with voucher value)
  • *100*02# Dial (Prepaid Only)

Check data bundle balance

  • *111*502#

Less verbose bundle balance

  • *111*500#

MSISDN query (retrieve own number)

  • *111*501#

Time Window Enquiry

  • (Time Window Expiry date displayed on handset)
  • *141*777# dial (Contract & Prepaid)

Vodata Service Setup

  • (Vodata Service Setup menu will be installed or removed)
  • *140*MSISDN# dial (Contract & Prepaid)

CallMe Service

  • (Sending a text message which includes the sender’s number to another cell phone number requesting the receiver to call the sender.)
  • *140*02*MSISDN# dial

Please Recharge Me

  • Request airtime from your phone to any Vodacom customer
  • *102*02*airtime value*MSISDN# dial

Airtime transfer

  • Send airtime from your cellphone to any other Vodacom Prepaid phone.
  • (*120*1234#)

Vodacom Paypoint

  • Enables Vodacom merchants to accept credit card payments using a mobile phone without requiring a fixed line point of sale terminal.

What is USSD?

In operation, USSD is used as the bearer to facilitate the interaction between the user and an application. USSD should be thought of as a trigger that enables other applications rather than an application itself.Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a technology unique to GSM. It is a means of transmitting information or instructions over the signaling channels of the GSM network.

USSD is a service that allows high-speed and interactive communications between the user and applications across a GSM network. Basically, USSD allows you to request services by entering a specific short sequence of characters on the handset, such as *111#

USSD has some similarities with SMS since both use the GSM network's signaling channel. The difference is that SMS is a store and forward service, whereas USSD is a session-based service, i.e. when a user accesses a USSD service, a session is established and the radio connection stays open until the user, application, or time out releases it. This has more in common with Data than SMS.

What do I pay for using USSD?

There will be a bearer charge, which is calculated in increments of 20 seconds to a maximum of 2 minutes. Commercial VAS charges apply (to be determined and charged by content provider).

Information retrieved from Vodacom website (3 November 2012): Vodacom - USSD Support Home
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Apr 15, 2006
I'd like to know why the latest USB modem software doesn't support the issuing of USSD instructions? Some do, some don't.


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Nov 1, 2010
This is how to change to prepaid 79c tariff:

*111# <dial>
10 Services
3 Free Change
1 Reply
3 Next (79c tariff is hidden here)
1 Prepaid 79c

Now you are entering enless threats and chain of confirmations and will also experience sudden disconnections. If you don't get final confirmation, tariff is not changed.


Nov 12, 2013
*120*1234# does not seem to be able to do airtime transfer anymore any other ussd that can be used for doing this quickly?