Vodacom would have launched Please Call Me even without Makate's idea

Regardless - Vodacom have handled this like a bunch of Paloeka's - but then they are a bunch of Paloeka's - so ... , and just to add icing to the cake they are as African as Makate - so don't know why I expected better of them.
This is the technical explanation... But for reasons beyond me, VC are still in court 15 years later.

Think his lawyers are going to walk away with the bulk of what ever he gets, all he is gojng to walk away with, is the title of the guy who took Vodacom for a ride, thru the courts ...
He could get 1% and still be good.
I think using the word stupid is being kind.

Should any of them read here, I would not want to be reported as the cause of them all slitting their wrists ... :)

Tho they are probably too thick skinned, to take the criticism to heart.