Volunteers needed for esports study


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Oct 7, 2018
Hi everyone, for the last year or so I've been conducting a research study at the University of Cape Town looking at sleep patterns, health and cognitive performance in competitive computer gamers. I've since recruited 28 gamers but need an additional 7 gamers to strengthen my data. If there are any gamers (and non-gamers) who might be able to assist me with my research, I kindly ask you to reach out!

I've created a Google site with all the information which is available here

To qualify you need to:
  1. Be male and aged 18-30 years
  2. Reside in Cape Town
  3. Be working a full-time, regular job
  4. Not be taking any medication that affects sleep (like Ritalin, cannabis, antidepressants)
Gamers should also have more than 5 years gaming experience, play games at least 14h per week and should be competitive gamers (so you're playing in leagues of any rank/tier or regularly play competitive/ranked/placement matches)

What's involved?
You'll need to be free to visit our labs at the Sports Science Institute in Newlands, Cape Town either for 2h on one morning, or about 1h on two mornings 1 week apart. You'll be asked to a few questionnaires, have your body measurements taken (height, weight, blood pressure), donate 10ml of blood (to look at risk of diabetes and heart disease), wear a Fitbit-like device for a week, and do 3 mental tasks on a computer.

You will receive reimbursement for travel (R150) and receive feedback on the data we collect.

What's my motivation for doing this?
It's worth noting I'm pro-gaming and I'm an avid esports enthusiast, so I really hope that gamers will support this study. I'm very much interested in promoting esports research among the broader scientific community. I also believe that this research will assist with policy reform and assist esports with implementation of policies around health and performance in competitive and professional gamers; especially since a lack of governance is a major issue in the eyes of the International Olympic Committee regarding esports being a credible sport.

If you're interested in taking part or would like additional info please get in contact with me (my details are on the site)