Vox Cancellation of service, a warning to read the fine print, and some advice please


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Feb 16, 2007
Let me cherry top this for you. Once the courier arrived to pick up my router... The courier asked what address he should deliver it to. I had to spend the next 30mins on the phone to Vox to figure that out.
I would have taken proof of "delivery" to him - and sent him on his way.


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Aug 28, 2006
Ah good to know, people ask me all the time which ISP they should use I'll add Vox to the "avoid" list.


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Jan 9, 2008
Update 2020-06-30:

After not hearing from the courier I reached out to Vox again, and yesterday they replied saying they will follow up. Shortly afterwards I received a "Hardware Collection Notice" email, detaling the courier name and pickup time. I don't know if this is something new, because it's the first time I've received such an email and it makes the whole process much easier.

Courier showed up promptly today during the pickup window and collected the router, finally!


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May 21, 2009
Hi everyone. This is a warning to others to read the fine print of your contract! Apologies for such a long story, but I would appreciate some feedback.

I had a VOX fibre service from 2018-03 until 2019-04, a 200/200 package that included a router from Vox. When I cancelled the service in April 2019 I specifically asked if there would be any penalties or fees, and I received an email saying there wouldn't be, I'm all paid up and everything was fine, so that's where I left it

VOX never contacted me to collect the router, and I didn't realise that I even needed to return it. After nearly a year of this router laying in my cupboard, unused, I gave it to a friend when he needed it, and didn't think of it again.

And then suddenly, in 2020-02, nearly a year later, I get email invoice from Vox for an amount of R2000 "penalty fee for non-returned mikrotik router".

I was quite surprised, queried it, and was informed simply that it was for non-return of equipment. Their answer was simply that equipment remained the property of VOX, as per the contract, which they quoted: "6.6 Ownership of the Equipment vests in the Vox; Equipment is not subject to a rent-to-own contract". I am not sure what "vests in the Vox" means, that's not a typo.

I queried asking what my alternatives were because I no longer have the router, asked why I was never contacted to return the modem. My ticket was closed, "Closed: as per courier feedback there was nobody home upon collection - billing for hardware not returned"

We exchanged a few emails, sometimes a week would pass with no answer to my questions. Last week I received a final demand for the amount, threatening legal action and that I would be liable for legal costs if I don't pay up or return the router. But, I was also told that because I was not home when the courier came to collect, I would have to drop off the router at VOX's offices, in Johannesburg. When I told them I stayed in Cape Town, they said they will email me the address of the Cape Town office.

The email I received back was "no drop off at any of our offices are allowed during lockdown", it didn't present any other alternatives. I asked a few other questions (some of which I have asked multiple times without answer):

- With no way to drop off the modem, will the legal action deadline be extended?
- If I can't recover the router from the friend I gave it to, can I make a payment arrangement to pay over a couple of months (Lockdown has impacted many of us financially)
- What is the current value of the used router accounting for depreciation over a 2+ year period.
- Where is the proof (an email perhaps?) that the courier company arranged for a pickup of the router in the first year after I cancelled the service?

I have yet to receive an answer to these questions, and the deadline for payment is tomorrow.

So, a warning, read the fine print, make sure you return the equipment even if the ISP makes no effort to do so themselves so you don't end up in the same mess as I am in.

Do you think there is anything I could do? They claim I need to return the modem in person because they already attempted a courier, but also says I can't return the modem because they are closed. So my only option is to pay. Should I just pay the amount now to avoid legal proceedings?

Update 2020-06-02 : https://mybroadband.co.za/forum/thr...-and-some-advice-please.1085867/post-25544779

I saw some airties and option was to purchase outright or 24 months. I bought it over 24 months 3 airties. After few months decided to settle it.

Lo and behold they say no ... you renting it and its not rent to own.

I decided to cancel and was charged the full remaing 17 months! Since this made no sense I figured might as well have it for 17 months.

They refused and demanded payment over max 3 months.

Unethical company. Paid them under protest. Will lodge complaint with the NCC.

So yep be careful, this company is unethical.


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Dec 27, 2005
So i am looking for another ISP to take over from Cool Ideas, on SADV, I gather Vox is to be avoided then :)