Vumacam boosted stolen vehicle recoveries in Gauteng - Fidelity


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May 24, 2010
Big success in stolen vehicle recoveries thanks to Vumacam

Security company Fidelity says thanks to Vumacam's surveillance street cameras it has recovered 19 stolen vehicles in Gauteng over the last three months.

This comes after the company expanded its partnership with Vumacam to roll out a further 1,400 cameras on poles in the province.

Fidelity Services Group CEO Wahl Bartmann said Vumacam's infrastructure has allowed Fidelity to better integrate analytics on flagged crime incidents across all Vumacam cameras nationally.
So why is JRA against Vumacam.
JRA delayed wayleaves and IIRC went to court?
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We should not bring light to this, criminals will start to damage the fibre and affect whole suburbs.
Nice! They recovered 19 vehicles in 3 months. How many cars are reported stolen daily?