Vumatel with Cell C-Fibre, Line Speeds, Cape Town


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Nov 28, 2017
Hopefully the following post can help someone out there that had as many questions I had regarding Fibre and its performance.

Questions such as:
  1. Who is the best ISP to select once your line has been installed?
  2. Is there a difference between LTE-A and Fibre?
  3. Which router is the best for Fibre connection?
  4. How does my smartphone and my computer play a role in the upload and download speed I receive, regardless of my package?
  5. Why don’t I get my Full Fibre Speed? What is the difference between a 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi connection?

Background: Once, I heard that Vumatel is installing fibre in our Bellville, I was super excited. After a few months of them actually finishing their groundwork, I have been itching to get Fibre in my apartment block. I read countless articles and did intensive research about Fibre. * Long story short, I needed to get permission from the Body Corporate to install Vumatel lines in the block. (Apparently, it is not possible to install one line for one apartment on the third floor). The next logical step was to contact the Body Corporate and the installation was done within one month. (Note: Body Corporate saw the "investment" in Fibre for all the apartments and Vumatel did an excellent job on site.)

Installation Time in the apartment block: 3-4 weeks.

Vumatel Team: Once the block went live, it took about two weeks for the installation team to get to me. On the day of the installation the team was late, unproffesional and sloppy. They were also quite lazy, and came up with excuses not to install the line from the Unit box to the apartment (12m). They also did not want to extend the line to my office. Tip: However, I was very adamant on where I wanted my line, and how the extension should be, as I was paying for it. I contacted the site manager and it was all sorted with one phone call.

Cell C Fibre: This was my chosen ISP and they have paid for everything upfront. I order a 100mb upload and 100mb download speed line, uncapped and unshaped. I have been using them for 6 months now, and I am happy with the service, router provided. I had not been throttled or experience slow speeds after using 3TB+ of data per month. The speed is consistent and would recommend them. However, the only issue I had, was the latency, which is about 32 ms in Cape Town in comparison to other ISP’s that is 2ms.

The router: Does it make a difference? In my opinion not really. It depends on the hardware

Line Speeds (IMPORTANT): I have seen and heard other complain about line speeds, especially with Fibre. After countless hours of frustration, I had figured it out that very rarely the ISP is to blame for the speeds you are getting. How about the router? Nope. Many times the issues is not with the ISP but the HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE of the computer or smartphone used to connect to the wifi. Please keep this mind and this can save your hours and hours. See below.

5ghz vs 2.4 ghz: Most of the latest smartphones comes with 5ghz, whereas many computers are still stuck with 2.4ghz. The speed between the phone and the computer will in this case not be the same. The 5ghz hardware will deliver much faster and consistent speeds than the 2.4hgz for many reasons, which I am unable to explain to here. The only solution: Upgrade to 5ghz. There are many inexpensive ways to do this. I have purchased this from evetech: . I have also upgraded my computer to an SSD and i5 Processor and the speed is fantastic!!

Hope you found something useful in this article. If you have any questions, please ask me :)
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