Vumatel & Wondernet - atrocious feedback


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Nov 8, 2018
Two days ago I had a Vumatel outage at around 11:30 AM. ( I also make use use of a static IP from Seacom-Wondernet).

For 9 hours they weren't able to assign me a correct IP on my DHCP lease, I kept on getting something similar to an APIPA issue, i.e. a private IP that seems to only take me to the cabinet (3 hops down).

I spend about an hour on the phone with Vumatel but their helpdesk cannot tell you if they have an issue or not. Vumatel helpdesk just keeps on telling me, "your line is dead and someone will get back to you in 72 hours". My line is not dead since I can get a DHCP lease IP over active ethernet but as stipulated above it only takes me to the 2nd Hop, with the 3rd hop being dead.

Vumatel helpdesk keeps on saying it is Wondernet and Wondernet keeps on .... just not saying anything. They are absolutely pathetic, this is after I spend the whole day in conversation with Wondernet. I kept on telling them my IP doesn't resolve. I eventually got through to a Helpdesk guy named "Nolen" which were able to address my issue and he was wonderful at keeping me in the loop when the evening started. a Different Wondernet technician eventually phoned me at 9:30 PM saying that I must refresh my DHCP-lease to get a "temporary" working IP. It got my connection going again.

Now for the last 2 days I keep on asking Wondernet what my happened to my static IP with absolutely 0% feedback.

It came to light via our Bellville Wireless User Group Whatsapp Group (CTWUG) that another user is experiencing the same issue on WebAfrica/Vumatel with his internet being offline for the last couple of days.

I just don't know why Wondernet can't give me reliable feedback as well as Vumatel, man up and provide correct feedback on a status regarding their own network.

This is the reason why I have a backup 20 Mbps Afrihost/openserve (fiber) line at home. Complementing my primary 100 Mbps Wondernet-Seacom/Vumatel line.

I wouldn't have ever thought I would say it, but Openserve is 10000% more reliable than Vumatel & Frogfoot.
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