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Jun 29, 2009
VW factory RCD 510 radio system

by: buffalobill

Description: As good as new and unused factory VW RCD 510 touch screen radio system. 6.5", 400x240 pixels, 4x20W output, takes SD cards and can be fitted with a six-CD changer. I'll have to check with the dealer tomorrow about the anti-theft code. Made by Blaupunkt.The story: I've bought a 2008 Passat (September registered) with just 27000km on the clock. Apart from not driving the car much, the previous owner put in a Kenwood satnav system within the first 1000km. The RCD 510 has been sitting in a box since then. I've no use for it and it will help defray the cost of the new tyres I had to buy because of flat spots from being parked so long :cool: