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VW SA Service Quality Evaluation


Well-Known Member
Sep 3, 2014
So I received this from VWSA. Their liability is only limited to paying excess if there is an incident. Cheap skate VWSA

Dear M, we're offering you R700 off your next service.

Volkswagen South Africa employs an independent market research consultancy Clear Strategy Company (Pty) Ltd (CSC), to assist in conducting a customer service evaluation program on our Dealer Service Network.

If your vehicle is ready for a major service and you wish to assist and participate in this program, you will receive R700 discount against the price of the service. If a Volkswagen Automotion Plan covers the maintenance costs of your vehicle you will then receive the R700 in cash.

Once agreeing to participate a representative of CSC will make all the arrangements with you including booking the service appointment, collecting the vehicle from you, dropping the vehicle at the respective dealership, collecting the vehicle in the afternoon and returning it to you once the service has been completed. The CSC representative portrays the role of vehicle owner at the dealership and the evaluation is video recorded for presentation to the dealer at a later stage. This presentation takes the form of a constructive feedback workshop facilitated by CSC where the entire team including representation from Volkswagen South Africa review the recorded material, with the objective of improving customer service levels throughout the Dealer Network

Your participation would thus provide Volkswagen South Africa with the opportunity to evaluate its Dealer Network service levels to you the customer, as well as free up your time by not having to go personally to the service, and lastly would entitle you to the R700 discount on this service.

Please click here should you wish to participate and have a CSC Consultant contact you
For further information please contact our Customer Interaction Centre on 0860 434 737
As the dealerships countrywide are evaluated against a pre-determined planning schedule, we are only able to make use of your vehicle, if your service corresponds at the same point in time as the evaluation of a dealership in your geographical area. We endeavour to use your vehicle at a dealership in close proximity to you but preferably at a dealer that is not familiar with either yourself or your vehicle. This is to ensure complete objectivity of the evaluation. Also should you agree to participate in this program, we request that you firstly confirm with your insurance company that another non-regular driver is able to drive your vehicle under your present cover. Please note that our liability will be limited to the payment of the excess only in all cases.


Well-Known Member
Jul 6, 2017
They should service it for free.
Agreed. You carry all the risk of a possible write off on your insurance history and all they want to pay is your excess. For a measly R700.

If it was a major service in the region of R3500 comped i would consider it. But they would probably end up walking off while i explain to them the do and dont of driving a slammed car (as my wife often does when she takes my car)