W205 C220d/C250d AMG Sedan vs W204 C350 CDI AMG Sedan - Daily Driver


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Jan 10, 2019
One of my family members is looking to upgrade their daily driver. Currently, he drives a C200 AMG Kompressor Sedan (W204) as his daily driver. Recently, the car started to give him grief, and has ultimately decided it was time to upgrade and move on. He has decided to repair the car as best he can, and sell it off before it gives him any more grief.

He approached me and wanted advice on buying a new, to him, car. He found two listings online that caught his eye almost immediately, one listing for a W204 C350 Sedan with the AMG Package, and a W205 C220d/C250d Sedan with the AMG Package. I'm combining the 220d and the 250d together as they essentially have the same engine, except for the latter having a higher rated output.

He originally wanted a W204 C63, but I got him off the whole idea when I mentioned the whole headbolt issue that spurred up in the early C63 models, not mention the con-rod issue. The model years he showed and told me about tell me that the cars he was looking at fell into this "range of problem model years".

Now, I'm not clued up on the W204 and W205 C-Class chassis' and generations. In fact, the only C-Class that I am clued up about is the AMG Versions, like the C63 models mentioned above. From what I know, the C350 has a V6 turbodiesel in it, whilst the other two have a four banger turbodiesel.

Judging from their spec sheets, all cars are pretty decked out in terms of equipment, one even has Harmon Kardon Sound, so, to me anyway, it comes down to styling and looks. That's all well and good, but I'm more concerned about mechanical issues. I don't want to recommend something that will spend a good chunk of it's time in the garage.

All cars have less than 50K KMs on the clock, and cost around the R300K mark, give or take the level of specification on the vehicle. But any other recommendations that fall into these parameters would be greatly appreciated and will be heavily considered.

From a general stand point, which of the cars listed above is the better bet out of the lot of them? What are the known issues? What should he look out for? Reliability is a major deciding factor here.

Like I said, any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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