Want to get a new ADSL Router / Modem (enterprise home setup)


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Jun 28, 2010
Ok, so its not quite enterprise, but at least I got your attention!

Currently, I have a DGN2200 telkom modem serving 3 households. The main house, uses the DGN2200 for wifi access, while the 2nd home has a netgear wireless extender running off the wifi network. The 3rd house uses a Zyxel AP, which is connected by Cat5.

The modem is basically dying, when under pressure it seems. The DGN2200 serves around 16 devices (PC, phones, tablets, TV's) with DHCP, uPnP, etc. Also management of bandwidth is a nightmare, as torrents run rampant. I've configured the crappy QOS available on the device but its nothing to write home about.

I am thinking of 2 scenarios:

Purchasing either a TP-Link W8960N or TP-Link W8968 (let me know which is better)

with or without a mikrotik router that will basically do all the networking/bandwidth control for the households, allowing the modem to simply do what its suppose to do which is provide stable internet.

Thoughts? Ideas?


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Jan 10, 2014
I'd get a Dlink 2500U modem, build a decent PfSense box and use the current DGN2200 in AP mode for one house.

This is actually what I'm running right now in my own home.