WAPA - Consumer complaints process


Ellipsis Regulatory Solutions
Company Rep
Jan 14, 2011
[This follows on from Consumer Complaints - A Guide.]

WAPA members are bound by the WAPA Code of Conduct, which requires the WAPA member to receive and investigate complaints and to make reasonable efforts to resolve complaints in accordance with its internal complaints procedure within a reasonable time. To file a complaint about a WAPA member, you can fill in their contact form or contact the WAPA General Manager on 082 458 1656.

The WAPA’s complaint procedure requires that the complaint be initiated in writing, whether by email or through the online form, and should set out full names and contact details, particulars of the WAPA member being complained about, full particulars of the complaint including the sections of the Code of Conduct allegedly breached and the conduct/act constituting the breach and proof of such breach if applicable.

According to WAPA it will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 2–4 days and provide the WAPA member with 5 working days to either remedy the complaint or provide a written response. After this period, WAPA will proceed to consider the matter, and may choose to appoint an independent adjudicator to do so. Additional information may be requested from both parties. The hearing and delivery of a decision will take 6–8 weeks, and is open to appeal.

For more information see www.wapa.org.za.