War over R3-billion broadband contract – Report


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Jun 28, 2017
War over R3-billion broadband contract – Report

There is a war between senior National Treasury executives over a R3-billion contract to roll out broadband across the Eastern Cape.

The City Press reported that Treasury’s acting accountant-general, Zanele Mxunyelwa, approved the R3-billion Eastern Cape broadband tender.


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Oct 19, 2007
Not mentioned is the shambles on the ground. All along the N2 between East London and King William's Town and then King William's Town, through Peddie and through Grahamstown, big fibre conduit rolls lie abandoned on the side of the road, orange conduit lies on top of the ground for kilometres at a time. It's a joke.

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Nov 18, 2008
Liquid Telecom is a corrupt bunch with fingers in the government... I realized this when I saw their pathetic CEO speaking at the MyBroadband Cloud conference... and they sponsor a lot of these events to buy even more corruption... take care MyBB.. these are a dodgy bunch!
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Joseph matane

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Feb 7, 2017
Mybroadband please help me I have tried to get simple clear answers from office of the premier in North West about current status of North West broadband network I was told to contact the guy by the name Mothusi Toka he is a senior in that office I think they said is Government Information Technology Officer it has been months now he don't reply even my follow up emails, and after receive my first email I got this reply (i will reply in within 7 days) this was way before Supra saga, it remain a misty who got the tender, where will data center be build, where will fibre rings will be, what type of last mile connectivity will they use in % form wireless vs wire, what skills will this project develop especially for youth in the province, which area's will get FTTH, how will this help citizens benefit from competitive price and services e.g. Telkom mobile coverage in the province is problem and what will state do to make sure wireless network operators roll out latest broadband to North West quickly etc