[WATCH] Foreign shop owners overpower robber at cellphone store in Polokwane


Honorary Master
Mar 26, 2010
POLOKWANE – A group of men who attempted to rob a foreign owned cellphone store in Polokwane CBD on Wednesday afternoon, got more than they bargained for when the victims overpowered them into a corner and took matters back into their own hands.
In the video uploaded by Intelligence Bureau SA’s facebook page, the men can be seen with balaclavas, instructing those in the store to lie on the floor.

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Honorary Master
Oct 6, 2010
With all that beating, no blood, the guy is still concious.
You only really knock someone unconscious with a clean shot to the head or jaw. This guy had time to cover up and kept covering up.

There was a nice trail of blood though when they dragged him.

I like the man with the pipe...trying to do damage to the lower legs and body. Pity that was a very light dish mount bracket. A real bit of steel would've done some real damage...

He still got off lightly. If that was in a township, he would have been dead for sure.