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WATCH: Water bombs, eggs and stones were thrown around vehicle that ploughed through school pupils - police


Honorary Master
Mar 26, 2010
While a motorist faces charges of reckless and negligent driving after ploughing his BMW through a crowd of pupils outside a Johannesburg school, he has opened up a case of his own – that of malicious damage to property.

According to the police, the motorist's vehicle sustained "a lot of damage" after pupils jumped on his bonnet.

"According to our investigations, the pupils who were gathered outside as shown in the video, were throwing water bombs, eggs and stones at one another. Some students jumped on the motorist's bonnet, causing a lot of damage to his vehicle," police spokesperson Captain Balan Muthan said.

He added that the motorist, who had a 10-year-old child with him at the time, then reversed into a vehicle behind him and sped off, ploughing through the pupils gathered in the street.

More at: https://www.news24.com/Video/SouthA...loughed-through-school-pupils-police-20180921


Resident Postwhore
Jan 29, 2008
If the savages wanna be in the road and cause damage to vehicles, don't be surprised when a driver goes into protect my kid and to hell with that lot mode. Nothing should happen to him imo, he did the right thing getting TF outta there.


Honorary Master
Oct 1, 2005
McKrill refuted suggestions the school children were celebrating "40 days" (40 days until their final exams) saying: " [There were] not only matric pupils outside the school. There were various grades of students who were outside at the time it happened and there are 32 days left till final exams, not 40."
So if it was not celebrations, what were they up to that was causing such a ruckus, in a public road?


Honorary Master
Sep 21, 2007
Yah, my kid in the car and others are rioting around it, I'd also get the he'll out of there.


Honorary Master
Oct 6, 2010
Oh lol...

I did a little searching.
Article has the area the school is located in wrong.
They said Weltevreden, they probably meant Weltevredenpark. Weltevredenpark is a suburb NEXT to Allen's Neck. And Allen Glen is in Allen's Neck.

News 24 need to do better quality homework before publishing info.