Water expert Anja du Plessis answers questions about South Africa's water crisis

"The Blue Drop report showed that water supply systems across the country need an additional 400 qualified people – 203 technical staff and 197 scientists. It also found that about 67% of water treatment works staff had no training at all over the audited period."

That's basically all you need to know like any other SOE. This was just another place where they employed their buddies that dont know how to do the job.

No doubt to be repeated in NHI based healthcare.
Ha ha.. and @Champ and his cadre brigade thinks ANC is doing amazing job and should be voted in each time. They will fix this time... pinky promise.

They are decolonizing SA. Education, Electricity, Water...

Can't be that bad otherwise Afriforum would have been all over this before. I suppose.