No not true. Didn't the Eskom CEO recently said that they are not overstaffed and am actually looking for more people (and not related to that gravy train... they need a 32% increase again next year). And that man knows what he is talking about, he would not simply tow the ANC line. You can Trust him. He saved Nampak.
Eskom is beyond saving — and we already know how it will end

Efficient Group chief economist Dawie Roodt said Eskom is financially and operationally unsalvageable and will come to the same end as South African Airways (SAA).

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan appointed a new Eskom board with a mandate to increase the energy availability factor (EAF) to 75%.

Everything Jamnadas touches turns to schit
Pravan Ghordan is still wed to socialist ideas. He forgets that communism has NEVER worked in a country without threats to workers to perform, or else

There is no incentive to work or do your job at Eskom. No threats, just a gravy train

He is 100% right. Business Rescue, fire ALL the staff and hire people who are known to work

This is the ONLY option. Any alternatives are simply burying our head in the sand
Play the lotto boys, and then get out of this shithole….

This is the only solution for the problems this country is facing. There is no chance of turning it around. There is no chance of fixing any problems. The country has collapsed.
Yoh, when experts say the same thing week in, week's boring now. We all know this, and have known this for a while. We are all basically experts when it comes to Eskom.
Their cr@p has been laid bare for 2-3 years.