WebAfrica emails on LTE Routers misleading


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Nov 2, 2018
Hi all

This is my first post and apologies if I did anything wrong.
I would like some advise if I can take this further and in general if I can complain about this issue so other users will be made aware what they are getting into on the free to use router.

When I signed up in October 2017 on the Rain double deal (220GB+220GB) I was not aware that it was a free to use router and upon cancellation they made me aware that I need to return the router or pay the full retail price.
I have attached pictures of emails where there was not a single word about free to use. It even used the words like "If you need a router, it;s yours for free!" and other words like no strings attached, free router and no long contracts".

I even went back to 03 December 2017 webafrica website using the wayback machine and not a peep about a free to use router (as far as I checked). What I did find was embedded way down in their terms and conditions and only after opening up more sections inside the terms and conditions I found the free to use clause.

Afrihost the router is yours after 6 months.

Webafrica says sorry, it is in our terms and conditions.
What can I do to let people know that they will not own the router even after giving up the contract more than a year after signing up for it. ?


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