Webafrica VOIP not showing ported number


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Nov 24, 2008
Hi Guys,

So I have this client that recently decided to move to Webafrica. Vuma provided the install for his fiber. Apparently its working really well. At the same time they sold him the idea of porting his 011 number from telkom as well. All good and well after numerous phone calls eventually the porting took place after two months. I supplied him with a W52P SiP phone and helped him setup his account info that webafrica provided him with on the phone. When ever he is dialing out his 087 number displays and not his 011 number now this obviously makes his family members not wanting to answer his phone call. After allot of calls to webafrica "They" eventually came to the conclusion that is just the way it is and he must accept it like that.

I spoke to him and said let me just find out what other tech guys views about this is. Reason being I install allot of Yeastar PABX's and VOIP phones and have my own VOIP portal. I told him numerious times to just port the number to me and I will gladly sort it out for him, Surely on Webafrica's portal they can enforce his CLI to show as his 011 number.

Thanks in advance guys,


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Aug 17, 2017
This is true, if the number has been ported to their platform they can display it.