WeChat Wallet launched in South Africa


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Oct 16, 2006
For me WeChat= Meh (at best)

Those asswipes at Substandard Bank sent me over 20 sms messages within 3 minutes saying:

Standard Bank:
OTP:XXXXX, Wallet registration on 17-Nov at 18:37. Not you? 086012300

Calling that number found it was not in service. "Prestige" banking have no idea WTF. Its ****ing ridiculous, obviously someone did a test with live data - even though I've not given my permission to be used as a Wechat guinea pig.

And now it's 7 days later. Have Substandard bank managed to tell me what went wrong or apologise? Nope.

It happened to a colleague as well, I imagine many people got spammed for this ****.