Westville cops bust two of their own


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Mar 26, 2010
Durban - Two policemen, who tried to extort money from a truck driver, have been arrested and charged for corruption.

The officers aged 31 and 42, were arrested while on duty yesterday.

“The Sergeant and Constable allegedly demanded cash from the driver instead of dealing with the transgressions. The truck driver contacted his employer asking him to deposit the cash by e-wallet. The police officers then drove to a local mall with the truck driver to withdraw the money,” he said.

The employer then alerted members at the Westville police station about the ordeal.

Naicker said police officers from Westville SAPS immediately responded to the report and apprehended the suspects at the mall as they attempted to withdraw the cash.
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Feb 7, 2004
“They were arrested and charged for bribery and corruption. Their firearms were immediately removed from their possession for safekeeping and they were detained in the cells at the Westville police station,” he said.
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