What is your view on Brexit?


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May 4, 2012
Oh noes! UK citizens will have to queue at immigration? Like everyone else from all around the world?

Clearly a parody account of some sort: travel regulations only come into effect (maybe) at the end of 2020. After that point, EVERYONE knew post Brexit meant getting a Schengen visa and standing in a different queue when travelling to the continent. Conversely, anyone coming to the island is going to have to do exactly the same thing now. Hell, for some people it was the ONLY reason they voted to remain: no extra effort needed when going on holiday.
Nope and it's only going to get worse. No guaranteed entry any more.


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Oct 11, 2013
So, the first thing to note is political authority, which is a huge issue. The UK is currently subject to many EU laws in which the average UK voter has very little say in. They only have indirect authority, in that the UK votes for MEPs who then have an influence on law. But the indirect nature means that many people in the UK do not feel represented by the EU politicians. I mean, for instance, are the judges of the various EU courts democratically elected?
I really don't understand this point about the judges - in the majority of the world (including the UK itself), judges are appointed, not elected. Each country actually gets to nominate their own judge for the courts.

Compare and contrast the aims of the USA with the aims of the EU. The EU aims for ever increasing integration, the USA does not. The USA constitution includes several negative provisions banning government on making laws on certain subjects - the EU does not. The point is, while you can compare the EU to the USA, they are both different in important ways. California can strike its own trade deals if it wants to, despite using the dollar as currency, for instance. France cannot.
Currency has nothing to do with the ability to strike trade deals. It's all about the single customs union so goods are not checked when they are moved throughout the single customs zone. If the EU has anti-dumping tariffs in place to prevent cheap imports of a good (lets call it X) and France were to remove those tariffs as part of a trade deal, items could just be imported into France without tariff and then be distributed around Europe from there effectively negating the tariffs imposed by the EU.
In the example of the US, California is extremely limited in what it can negotiate from a trade agreement perspective. They could not drop any of the federal tariffs - they can only drop California sales tax.


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Aug 9, 2006
Terrible. Believe in a global community. Brexit stand in total opposition to the way I see how the world should operate...