What R1,000 invested when Vodacom and MTN listed would be worth today


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May 24, 2010
If you invested R1,000 when Vodacom and MTN listed here's what it would be worth today

Investors who bought R1,000 in MTN shares when the company listed on the JSE would have much more money than those who did the same with Vodacom and Telkom shares.

In addition to their financial performance, the share prices of South Africa's three biggest mobile networks have been heavily influenced by some of the major developments in the telecoms industry.
Add in the Rands poor performance and it looks even worse.
So note taken -> Dont invest into Mobile operators in a country that faces loadshedding and 30% lack of employment aka vandalism
Not very good for the stock market. Capitec would have yielded much better and I think they listed after all of these.
And thats time you're not getting back... if you calc in inflation... at 5%, only mtn made you real money, the other two made a hole in your pocket.