what religion are you?


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Sep 27, 2005
so if any what are you into or part of ?

Atheist, Buddist, Pagan, Islam, Hindu, Christian, Spiritualist, Seeker, Jedi Knight, Jewish ?????

or you just don't believe in any form religion ?

done any conversions from one group to other ?
Dec 13, 2006
Spiritual agnostic.
douwdouw is a christian, who's faith is stronger since joining the forum.
douwdouw does not defend god, only see if misinterpretation can be cleared.

GOD do not need human beings to defend HIM...


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Aug 1, 2005
Bhuddist but not very religious. Just follow their sayings on how to live life etc etc etc.


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Apr 6, 2005
I'm an agnostic atheist, but that's not a religion. I have no religion. I grew up a Christian, became a Buddhist for a while in my teens, then switched to having no religion.
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Nov 4, 2005
The Force is a fictional incorporeal energy field that is generated by all living organisms and permeates the universe and all things within. It is clearly indebted to the concept of chi and the Od of Baron Carl Reichenbach. Its principles resemble some real-world religions like Hinduism, the Shinto religion of Japan, certain Celtic druidic concepts, and probably resembles Buddhism and Taoism the most. Dick Staub, author of Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters, in an interview with Christianity Today, said he feels "the Lucas story is more theologically attuned with Hinduism". On his own admission, George Lucas has clearly been influenced by Christianity, Buddhism and Indian religions in writing the Star Wars saga. And as such many Christians connect the Force with the concept of the Holy Spirit, the energy force of a Higher Being that connects believers and when coming into contact with a human spirit creates something new. It also bears a close similarity to the Chinese notion of qigong, the Hindu notion of Brahman, and many others. The earliest description of this "energy field" would be akin to that of pran, of which pranayama is a systematic practice originating in India and a part of yoga. The Force is subject to control by anyone who is "Force sensitive." An individual who can control the Force can perform incredible feats such as telekinesis and telepathy.
Hey, if you must choose a religion, this seems as good as any.

Or am I being too flippant for your tastes?


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Sep 19, 2006
I have my own cult......if anyone would like to join I have broshures (they're glossy). I will however warn you at this stage that in my eblief system I will be your supreme leader. You will need to give me all your worldy possessions and I will be allowed to sleep with your wife whenever I am horny.
Oct 26, 2005
lo, I'm Qewrty, and I'm an atheist.

I heard of a bunch of hedonistic sinners wallowing in the ways of a materialistic world with no qualms about the afterlife; so I joined :)

I was a Christian. But I read a book about cults and a few about science and basically realised I was on the "inside". Once I left I never looked back or felt better. PM me if you suspect that you or your family members are indoctrinated by religion ;)


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Apr 8, 2006
@DotVibe, years of Qigong practice, has given me a whole new perception of the idea of energy.
So be one with the force my son.

P.s. Your name isnt Luke is it ?:D
Dec 13, 2006
I base my religion on these beliefs:


Other religions I have read about & find likely as true, based on by beliefs(above): Agnosticism; Pantheism; Christianity; Buddhism; Atheism(not my choice due to the conscienceless issue)

based on my beliefs (Skepticism+Humanism), i think Christianity(Anglican) is most likely my choice; but my Beliefs(Skepticism+Humanism) are more important and also help me choose my religion.

I was raised as a Methodist Christian, but as I chose to choose my religion on Skepticism & Humanism as they seem as the universal logic if God exists or if God does not exist; If we do good, good should swing back at us(Thus Humanism), for every action their is a equal and opposite reaction(Newton's Third Law); Religion IMO should also be based on the fact that all things must be questioned according to the best principles of science, logic, and philosophy(Skepticism)just like if you bought a cell phone and the manual is missing or you don't know if it is the right one; you either have to figure out how to work the phone, or look for or validate the manual.
Which is why i think i will turn to the Anglican Church as they conform to my beliefs (Skepticism+Humanism), and also believe that the Bible is complex and demands interpretation as Christ it the center-point of Christianity and as he changes various Jewish ways in the OT.

I would be turn atheist, if scientist ever discover the metaphysics of conscious(soul) I know that exists and it's have not been explained by science, I cannot believe that their is no afterlife(the paycheck most people are waiting for); my theory of the 'soul' is much like the theory of gravity; it's mechanisms are from another dimension but it is noticed in ours.
I like your theory. I know i consist of three parts if you don't mind me using the words...OK

I am 1) Body- the flesh i live in and due to sin will die...
- in the afterlife i receive a new resurected body...
- my body will be saved...

I am 2) Spirit-once born again my spirit is saved, i am rightous in christ., but where is my spirit? This is now my own thought, in your conscious you instinctively know when something is right or wrong-this is your spirit! but now

I am 3) Soul- once born again my soul's condition must change-my soul is being saved...Paul says renew your minds!- my soul is my mind...

My mind (soul) can override my conscious (spirit) because my will is free! Growing holy is bringing your soul and spirit in line! This is my theory....


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Jan 17, 2005
I currently tend to find relevance personally for me in Pantheism (though not in its classical definition), Buddhism and Taoism