What should be done to solve South Africa’s economic problems?


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Oct 17, 2003
We are interested in your opinion for an article about South Africa’s economic problems.

--What do you think should be done to solve South Africa’s economic problems?

We want your honest opinion of why you think South Africa’s economy is struggling, and what you think the government and businesses should do to fix these problems.
Stop stripping the middle class of money in an attempt to get at the rich. You're simply making the entry level into the middle class a LOT harder on the poor to reach.
Bring down taxes.
Bring down Fuel Prices (Put the onus of the Road accident fund on vehicle 3rd party insurance)
Stop Corruption and kurb government spending.
Privatise the State owned enterprises.
Educate, Educate, Educate. (especially all the land in government hands where the locals need education on how to run a farm. Don't throw money at it, throw educaiton at the people)


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Mar 26, 2014
Give a company an chance to buy out the ANC and run this country like a company


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May 19, 2009
Scrap BEE, it doesn't work... 25 years later and it hasn't uplifted anyone except for an elite few
Forget about EWC, it won't work
Get rid of labour Unions, they're a blight on society and do more harm than good
Get Education up to scratch, currently it's the single point of failure for this country
Disolve SOEs, privatise privatise privatise
Change of Government, root out corruption and make examples of those guilty of corruption. Show the world we really have a 0% tolerance for corruption.
Teach people that a craft is not something to scoff at, it's the corner stone of society and without it we're doomed

I can think of a lot more but it would take me the whole night to write it down


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May 4, 2012
Lower taxes. Scrap all double taxes like dividends taxes. Scrap extra taxes including 'incentive' taxes.
Stop interfering in free market economies. Private contracts should have precedence over government wishes like bee and minimum wages.
Stop unnecessary social grants. Institute a proper government pension in place of the old age grant.
Abolish outcome based education and have a real recognised education system.
Fix the postal system.


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May 11, 2011
- Train a national riot squad because some of the things I say will cause trouble
- Sell off SAA. Well, the debts are so damn high nobody will buy the whole thing as a going concern, so break it up and sell it off.
- Start running Eskom like a business and not a means to enrich cadres and earn votes. Stop supplying free electricity.
- Take a chainsaw to Eskom. Trim the fat, starting at the top. Place a moratorium on salary increases and bonuses until the company is turned around.
- Cut the municipalities out as middlemen when it comes to paying for electricity. Sell direct to the public and lower the price accordingly.
- Take a long hard look at the levies and taxes that make up the fuel price. Lower electricity costs and a lower fuel price will go a long way to stimulating the domestic economy.
- Stop cowing to unions and become more business friendly.
- Scrap BEE and instead fix the education system. Instead of trying to spread limited human resources, increase the amount and quality coming through.
- Stop using government for job creation. Shrink the cabinet and install people that actually have a background that pertains to their portfolio. Competency and not cadre deployment.
- Actually do something about corruption instead of talking about it. Put an end to tenderpreneurship.

In short; be more business friendly, slimmer, smarter and efficient.


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Aug 23, 2013
Well, I don't own a business, and am definitely not as knowledge as some on the forum, this is from a student (not part of fees must fall :p) perspective.
My basic ideas are along the lines of:
- stop introducing more laws if you can't enforce the current. < start a culture of civil disobedience, it will spread out.
- above means prosecute/deal with everyone, including the illegals that cause so much damage, e.g. Soweto electricity, protests/riots where they damage things, etc.
- stop entitlement. This means actually check up on whom you give grants to, make sure they actually need it. Too many "ghosts" or people who earn more who still claim.
- change the entitlement system to penalize having more kids. A child from an extremely poor home is likely to stay poor, especially if that mom is rewarded to have more kids.
- BEE needs to be removed. This is only helping socially connected. Merit is king. You'll redress the past by creating more jobs so we all improve, not just some. Trying to protect a vast majority of the population from a minority is just harming everyone.
- education. Make it so all scholarships/bursaries are only for degrees that actually matter. Also, if you fail degree, you pay full thing. You pass, you pay 25%. Cum laude, it's free. Reward for excelling and helping society. Payment taken straight from account like taxes.
- stop raising taxes so high. Rather fix systemic problems such as all the money lost due to corruption etc.
- as others said, privatize SEO that are losing money, but make sure to keep some regulation and checks to stop exploitation.
- add laws that directly penalize the top executives of companies (especially SEO) where there is money that is siphoned. It's the boards job to make sure it doesn't happen.
- overall, reduce the number of government departments, e.g. postal and telecommunications, why is this separate?
- incentivize via tax breaks for infrastructure building, e.g. fiber, independent power producers, etc. Do not give rewards, only tax breaks, they must be able to be self-sufficient.
- education wise: this is for unis. Create an entrance exam not based on matric, but rather by the university department. Schools have cheating, people's priorities in life change, let them re-enter education easily after they show aptitude/willingness to study. Lots don't know what to do with their life and only figure it out later, and others messed up high school, let them easily be accepted into the system again.
- education wise: stop with dumb policies like forcing African languages. English is already good enough, do try and cater for the areas main language as well, but English is a must as business language.
- give free tax classes for start-ups. It's difficult to know what to do unless you in-depth research, and most don't have access to such materials. Make it easy for small businesses to start, South Africa has so many innovative products as well (did you know WooCommerce is originally South African?), let it shine. Small businesses are also likely to hire a couple of people within the community, helping unemployment.


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Aug 4, 2005

Bring back accountability & factuality in society. Dish out heavy prison sentence, political exclusion, travel ban & family punishment for those involved in fraud.

Yes there are 1000 things that we can list as ‘ways’ to fix things but they all lack the most fundamental aspect that unpins it all. If the person/s are not accountable, we are wasting time/money/resources.

2ndly this needs to be driven from the top down, ie from Zuma all the way down to the dumb car guard who knows nothing but wants to be paid. That also means that you will need to pay your eToll but when I system such as this is properly audited should u complain?