What the hell is happening to water in Johannesburg?

Yep, no water for 3 days besides the occasional dribble. Very much enjoying it.

Plenty of water here on the East Rand

Message from Tswane Mayor:


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I feel very lucky to live in the part of Joburg that never seems to have water trouble.
No water for part of yesterday and most of Monday.

Thanks JHB.
You Jozi lot, with taps but no water, are doing the cowboy splash/bath?

It's Summer so armpits + balls (if you have) are the most NB.
If you're on mains sewerage then it should be headed straight to a treatment facility in which case not yet, but it will be.
:unsure: Ours is being mostly bypassed due to (you guessed it: lack of/poor maintenance and zero upgrades for the past 30 years), and you can guess where it's being pumped to.
Cadre-deployed in its m0er in. Brukken.

The water problems in gauteng will now follow the route of the road infrastructure in gauteng. All the money was stolen, so they can only keep things patched up now, with a slow and steady decline in the overall infrastructure service. Doing what needs doing, would need massive investment. The cadres would rather... divert those funds to their own bank accounts, thanks. Also, once those sweet, sweet watah-tenkah-tendahs are flowing, that genie stays out of the bottle.
Hmmm, I have no doubt that those water tankers double up as honey-suckers as and when the need arises.
Load shedding, water shedding, health shedding... What else must be added to the list?
Ok the water tastes like horsesht tonight. This is in Wilgeheuwel

Kill me now

And fk the Anc and all their votas