What to do if you can't activate your Apple Watch on MTN


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Jun 15, 2010
Well the activation process in December for an iPhone 12 was nice and painful.

“I would like to activate my eSIM on an iPhone”
Ah Sorry! We dont have stock at the moment..:mad:
that would be your Menlyn and Woodlands Branch....

It was actually done and it almost took a full 24hrs to activate. Multiple calls to 135 to just get the eSIM email sent to me.
Bear in mind that my original sim stopped working the moment I left the store so was offline for 22hrs.


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Jul 20, 2007
I have been fighting MTN for 5 weeks now to get a Galaxy watch 3 eSIM working. Still not as bad as your 22hrs on your primary number!!!


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Dec 31, 2016
Can confirm the eSIM implementation is a complete mess. Considering they're 2 years behind Nigeria, MTN is embarrassing itself. Spent 2 hours yesterday across two stores in The Glen. Had to show them posts on MyBroadband to convince the staff that it was indeed possible to do on existing contracts only to be told: it can't be done on one of my contracts until it is migrated, and on the other contract -- after phoning someone to take them through the process -- they advised there would be an additional charge of R123 a month for a dual sim in the Galaxy S20 Ultra which contradicts the "Nil" charge mentioned in the training material. I did ask if any of them had received training since it launched in December. They said no, of course. Quite pathetic all round really. I emailed and Whatsapped Jacqui O Sullivan. She responded at least.


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Oct 24, 2008
I’ve also been fighting with them since mid dec to get my Apple Watch activated... I’m allegedly one of the customers that is yet to be migrated.. and their complaints email address remains unanswered.. so much for a “task team”.

right now the activation link from mobile data is giving a “connection to the server was lost”