What you need to become a professional Twitch streamer

The Emoji's on Twitch sucks donkey balls .... It spoils the whole chat and slows down the site. .... but yea, it's one of the features that earns you the money.
Not on Frogfoot.

The minimum charge I know of currently from one provider is R557 pm for a 40 / 10. Most others much more & some only offer symmetrical for higher fees.

When they push it up to 60 / 30 Mbps what will they charge then - over R600 pm ?

Obviously Frogfoot Air is much cheaper for significantly slower speeds, especially upload ; plus not widely available far as I'm aware.
Available from R509 per month
Keyword: from
Keyword: from
My point/s dealt with + highlighted Frogfoot.

"From" for them is more than (some) others, and will increase from early next year.

Reason I mentioned them is they're what I have available for fibre in my area.
now add personality to the list. Some streamers have a personality I'd compare to a cardboard box at best