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Oct 27, 2008
Q: What's the best iPhone cover to protect the phone while still allowing it to look good? I have somehow managed to crack 3 iphone screens, so before I repair mine, I would like to get a decent cover.

A: The most protective I could find was the Otterbox Defender. So I ordered it, but it makes the phone look terrible.


I am thinking of getting a BodyGlove DropSuit now instead, but I don't know if it will do the trick. At least it looks better though.


My other thought was to maybe get one of those flip open covers. But I am not sure if it will ultimately help.

The Bobyglove type of covers is the best I have used on my Iphone 5, my 4 year old son made the phone fall on more than 10 occasions and I never had any issues thus would personally recommend that one.
I personally will go with the Bodyglove. The flip covers do not give the same level of protection when the iPhone falls, talking from experience! The flip cover's open edge can cause severe damage when dropped.

I personally am looking for a new cover as I use the Griffin Silicone cover. the cover has however stretched and my phone now moves inside the cover which irritates me tremendously!
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Where is a good place to buy a BodyGlove DropSuit for an iPhone 5s?