When was the last time you purchased a physical CD?


Dank meme lord
Actually now that I think about it, apart from the CD-RWs I use for the shuttle in the car, I was at Wild Clover on a Sunday late last year and had a few beers, this chick was playing some good music. In my state I managed to walk up to her, while singing and saw they had SnapScan to buy her CD, which I successfully did and into the shuttle it went. Funny thing was, as I was about the pay she actually stopped singing to tell me to please add R10 to cover the transaction cost of SnapScan. Still, so worth it.
Cd is almost dead as a commercial music carrier. Too many manufacturers designed their LASER units to die after a year or so, and they thus contributed to the demise of CDs. The problem was compounded by overpriced discs, since so-called 'music stores' all wanted locations in equally expensive malls. Many of those stores closed down. Now, flash cards and MP3 dominate. Recordable CD media will probably continue for a while, but DVD+R as an archival storage medium, is probably going to slowly cause lower density discs to become obsolete.