When was the last time you travelled overseas?

When was the last time you travelled overseas?

  • Within the past month

    Votes: 21 8.1%
  • Within the past 6 months

    Votes: 32 12.3%
  • Within the past 12 months

    Votes: 37 14.2%
  • Since the pandemic ended

    Votes: 17 6.5%
  • Before the pandemic

    Votes: 102 39.2%
  • I have never travelled overseas

    Votes: 51 19.6%

  • Total voters
Since October 2022 to date, in that order, SA -> Georgia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, England, Wales, South Africa, Thailand, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Ireland, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Malaysia <currently>, Thailand (on Sunday).
Was in the UK a few weeks back.

Next planned trip is October and will be doing France (for work) and some other undecided European location for leisure.
Dec 2022, to Qatar to watch the 3rd place playoff and the WC final (thanks VISA).
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So the rest of Africa is excluded as technically it is not overseas?

But in 2021 I went to Turkey.

Probably wont travel in the next few years.
Two month trip to the US coming up at the end of May.
I used to love, and looked forward to travelling.

Now I am middle-aged, grumpy and want to be left in peace and quiet.
end of last year.
was a bit of r&r after a rather hectic hospital stay.

maldives > hong kong > cyprus > london