Where to repair Acer TravelMate LCD Backlight?


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Aug 8, 2008
At my company, we have an Acer Travelmate 5720 laptop, on which the LCD backlight is no longer working – the screen is almost completely black. If you look very close at the screen in a well-lit room, you’ll see that the LCD panel itself is working fine, you can see images, icons, windows, etc, but there is no light source coming from behind to give brightness to the screen. We are currently using an external monitor with the laptop, which means that the graphics card (and everything else) is fine.

Can anyone recommend a reliable, trusted supplier that can fix it, at a reasonable price. I'm pretty sure the LCD panel itself is fine, just the backlight isn't working.

The laptop is over 3 years old, but still in excellent condition (it was used by one of our company directors), and was very highly spec'd at the time, which means it is still very decent now.

Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Nov 2, 2005
its probably the LCD inverter that need replacing. Careful, some places will rip you for about R1000. Actually quite a few companies will try to rip you for an amount in that region. I bought the part for mine (5 yr old Fujitsu) for abour R300 and five screws later it was sorted