Whisk(e)y Lovers thread(II)


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Dec 1, 2011

The bottles were already with the couriers (not Aramex) before they went on sale. So their organization was 100x better than the last wall where Aramex took a week to even start delivering.
Mine arrived about an hour ago, really impressed by the speed they got these out.


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May 13, 2011
Welcome to the world of PEAT. Once you go peat, you never go back. It takes balls to jump right into peat via Ardbeg or Laphroaig. Only downside about specially Islay peat is that is breaks the bank,
No ardbeg here so laphroaig 10 year it is


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Jun 22, 2007
Whiskybrother tasting in Cape Town on 11 may. I've booked.



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Feb 15, 2016
SA exclusive release




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Aug 5, 2011
Thought this forum would appreciate this:

Forgotten whisky cask sets £1m auction record​

A rare cask of whisky has sold for a record £1m at auction, after being bought 34 years ago for just £5,000.

The Macallan 1988 cask had been forgotten about until the distillery reminded its original owner that it remained maturing in a warehouse.

The online sale, which ended on Sunday, drew bids from around the world. The winner was an individual private buyer from the United States.

It smashed the existing auction record for a cask, set at £444,000 in 2019.

Held in bond at The Macallan distillery, the 374-litre refill butt was filled on 5 May 1988.

The hammer price was £915,500 at specialist auction site Whisky Hammer, with the bidder paying £1,007,050 including buyers premium.

Daniel Milne, Whisky Hammer managing director, said: "When this cask was listed in our auction, we knew it had the potential to make history.

"To come across a cask of this age, quality and size is extraordinary in itself, enhanced by the fact the liquid was distilled at The Macallan, which is reflected in the global attention the cask has attracted."

The Macallan distillery in Aberlour reminded the original owner about the cask

The cask could provide 534 70cl bottles of the single malt. This "per bottle'" price of £1,907 from a cask also sets a new record.

The Macallan has produced some of the world's most valuable whiskies.

The previous £444,000 auction record, held by Bonhams, was also for a cask of The Macallan.

It was set in November 2019 for the sale of a 30-year-old reracked sherry hogshead, which contained 261 bottles.

Last October a 1991 cask from the distillery fetched £1.69m at auction, in a unique sale which included an NFT digital artwork by artist Trevor Jones.

In February The Macallan released of a batch of whisky dating back to World War Two. It set a price tag of £92,000 per decanter of its single malt The Reach.


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Mar 14, 2012
this is just a bit sad ... false time constraint to flog more R2850 bottles ...
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I'll wait for Checkers or a samaritan thanks

Yeah it's not like they're going anywhere, they will just be sold via the distillery also the whole first 400 lost it's value especially with this release, the masters collection releases came with a kind of 'certificate'. The box is nice enough, I like it but I must admit it's very busy.

This copy is very casual (it's/that's) and for me doesn't read well either.

So this release is 'Three Ships Whisky Millennium', god help us if the next release in 4 years is 'Three Ships Whisky Millennium 25 year old single malt'.

I think they should have just taken the 10yo label, made it something like a dark purple, given a slightly bigger bottle label to have bottle number on there, put it in a nice box include some posters in the first 400 and ship with 2 Three Ships branded tasting glasses. Maybe that's just what I wanted? It does sound a lot better than a box with UV Art though especially to whisky drinkers?


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Feb 1, 2008
They were never going to flog all of those. Would have preferred R1900 without all the gimmicks.
at that price point I might even have bought one

looks like the marketing department needs to chill a bit and perhaps consult their whisky master a bit more