Why DStv plays ads before streams

DStv said running pre-roll ads allows it to offer higher-quality content to its customers.
Wondering what customer watched the ad and was like: "Well that's some really high-quality content".

Also what PR potato wrote this blabble.
What a load of crap! It is purely to generate extra revenue.
Given the choice to watch something on Dstv Stream or Netflix, it's a no brainer!
If it was only true, Multi LimitedChoice.
Your movie choices have become second rate, you series less than that, your attitude worse than the SABC with pushing excessive local content.

Try to be more sincere.
The idiots at multichoice must really think that they are the most intelligent people in SA while everyone else is a half-brained idiot who can't count to 20 without taking off their shoes. Everyone knows that they are simply doing this to make more money. It has absolutely nothing to do with getting better content from suppliers and everything to do with trying to generate more income since they are losing subscribers at an incredible because they thought that screwing people over is the right way to go.

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Wait what! They have adverts on a streaming platform that people have to pay for?


No wonder why their business is in the toilet.