Why it is so great to be a game developer in South Africa

Little Mac

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Jul 18, 2008
Nice one! Good article. Congrats Meathead :ROFL:
I'd be interested to hear more about how you were funded - what kind of road you took until you got that funding. That's the missing link IMO.

To build their network sufficiently, Myres and Kimani travelled to 25 cities on 5 continents in 18 months between them, and at one point they visited four continents in four weeks.
No doubt that cost big dosh. At what point of being funded were you / what sources (types are fine - don't have to be specific)?

The game has been successful on both platforms, and Myres and Kimani continue to develop new projects from their studio in South Africa.
What does success look like - sustainable payouts?

“Every country has its own unique challenges for making games, but South Africa’s relative cheapness can be a big boon if you’re getting funded, and having your product purchased in Western currency.”
Agree... if you're getting funded. That's the missing bit. Please tell us more!