Why the United States does not trust Huawei

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Mar 2, 2016
Why the United States does not trust Huawei

Huawei Technologies Co. wanted a better way to test its telephone handsets, so it sent an engineer to see “Tappy,” the robot in partner company T-Mobile US Inc.’s laboratory in Bellevue, Washington.

“Tappy,” computer-driven and tireless, taps on touch screens, simulating weeks of use in a day.



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Dec 29, 2009
Another hit piece by American fake news agency Bloomberg.
Bloomberg did a similar piece on Supermicro - Bloomberg could not substantiate their claims.

Audit: No Chinese surveillance implants in Supermicro boards found

Amazon exec joins Apple in calling for a retraction of Bloomberg’s explosive microchip spying report

The War on Huawei



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May 4, 2012
And we should trust the United States with their spy chips we know exist? This is nothing new. Western companies "steal" each other's "intellectual property" all the time. Most of it are never new inventions in any case and just patent trolling to try and prevent competition. ZTE is the one to watch out for as their rip-offs are just bad quality.
May 20, 2010
So it would not surprise me to learn that the Chinese government spy on people via Hauwei tech AND that the US is using overbearing diplomatic pressure to gain an economic advantage. Both are plausible when considered from a historic perspective. And the actual truth is probably a bit of both.

China has a well documented history of tech espionage. And sometimes it's just painfully obvious when you look at some of their military hardware compared to originals from the countries they stole it from. All the while doing everything humanly possible to keep their internal affairs safe and secure behind the infamous Great Firewall of China. Ask what relation their state has with the company... Look up: Communism. It's actually disingenuous of them to state that the Chinese government has no input into the "company". This is not a little Shenzhen startup we're talking about here. Whoever the company leadership are they serve at the pleasure of the Chinese government.
The US also has a more or less well documented history of tech espionage. They along with Russia even engaged in the infamous Cold War. A standoff which very nearly brought the world to a nuclear apocalypse. That was predominantly a struggle for advantage. In tech, military power and position on the world stage. Today... We all know the US cannot even bear to allow the people of the world to encrypt their personal information without the US first having a back door supplied to them. Which looked at from a tech and personal perspective makes no sense, but then t some degree makes sense when looking at the current state of the world. But yeah... This has obviously made the US no friends at all. How can it be otherwise? Who enjoys it when their private world is intruded upon? Certainly not I.

At this point my question is this... Do we really need 5G? What is it? Why are the world heavies engaged in a minor cold war over it which could escalate? I'm starting to think that is the real question. I will be reading up a bit about that.
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Nov 1, 2010
If they don't agree to inject our spyware in their equipment, they are not trusted, they must be banned.