Win Xiaomi Smart Kitchen appliances worth over R5,000 – Enter now

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Xiaomi Mi 3.5L Smart Air Fryer​

24 Hour Long Continuous Operating Time
I like the Airfryer. Will be cool to start it remotely and also the defrost mode instead of having to use the Microwave.
Lookiing forward to Xiaomi 4L Smart Air Fryer.

I do like that it now has "the addition of a three-layer heat-insulating transparent window for monitoring your cooking status in real time. This makes it much more convenient than having to open up the air fryer every time to check your food."
It's the Xiaomi 4L Smart Air Fryer Pro for me simply of the mobile app control, and baking mode.
Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 4L Pro !!!
How amazing would it be to own this Air Fryer. Save on electricity with shorter cooking times. And it has a 4L basket - large enough for our family of 4. A great feature is the 3-layer heat-insulating transparent window for monitoring your cooking without having to open up the air fryer every time to check your food.

Xiaomi - Accelerate Your Life

Xiaomi 4L Smart Air Fryer Pro​

I've got one of the original Philips airfryers and the damn thing is so small that I can't even fit a small chicken into it, let alone 2 breast pieces. This would be a nice replacement for the old man.
The durable jar with its large 1600mL volume can withstand rapid cooling and heating without cracking. Designed with four rib baffles to interrupt the vortex that forms during use, and ensure that ingredients are thoroughly blended. The Xiaomi Smart Blender is easy to clean thanks to its cleaning mode, simply add water and start the high-speed cleaning process to save time and effort.
Xiaomi 4L Smart Air Fryer Pro! If it cannot be Airfried then it's not worth eating hehe!
Xiaomi 4L Smart Air Fryer 4L Pro

I would choose the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer. As someone in back-to-back meetings, I would be able to prepare dinner and put the food into the Air Fryer at lunch time and then start it while I’m still in meetings from the convenient Mi Home application which I already utilize for a different Xiaomi product. Plus it can also remind me when to shake the food and it even has a defrost feature!
After 9 years of renting my current flat, the owner has decided to sell the property and gave me the first option to purchase. I agreed and we are getting the ball rolling.

Once the sale process is completed, I can finally make changes to the property and turn it into the smart home that I want it to be. The Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer would be my ideal product to start with the process of turning the home into a smart one. I like that it can be turned on and off remotely, adjust settings, set automation, etc.

Hope my dream will come true.

I would prefer the blender already the smart speaker ready to blend with voice commands
The Smart Air Fryer 4L Pro, because of the low fat meals and the fact that I can control it with the Mi Home Mobile App
Well the smart blender would be a great add to my home app. I’d probably pass my current 3l airfryer for that 4l pro, that window display is proper
You see the Xiaomi ecosphere? I'm deep in it.
Xiaomi phone, scale, video doorbell, security cam. So having Smart access to an air fryer - my favourite device....from my phone. Making yogurt or bake or fry.
Pick me.
Leading tech brand Xiaomi is running a competition on MyBroadband to promote its awesome Smart Kitchen appliances.

The combo is worth R5,399 and includes a Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 4L Pro and a Xiaomi Smart Blender.

One lucky MyBroadband reader will win both of these appliances to spruce up their kitchen.

To stand a chance to win, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Visit the Xiaomi brand store on Takealot to read more about the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer and Xiaomi Smart Blender.
Step 2. Post a comment in this thread letting us know which of the two Xiaomi Smart
appliances you most look forward to using and why.

The competition runs until 29 September 2023 – standard competition rules apply.
I look forward to using the Xiaomi Mi 3.5L Smart Air Fryer the most! #Xiaomi
I would look forward to the blender- I don’t have one. Good for juices, sauces, home made mayo, and do much more.
Already own the Xiaomi Air Fryer, would love to pair it with the Smart Blender. I am a smoothie enthusiast. Its will fit perfectly in my kitchen.

Love this aspect of the blender.
The variable frequency motor is equipped with a Hall sensor to monitor the speed in real-time, and the power can be automatically adjusted according to the load to prevent deceleration under a high load and ensure reliable blending.
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