Windows 10 bug corrupts your hard drive on seeing this file's icon


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Jul 22, 2005
A drive can become corrupted by merely trying to access the $i30 NTFS attribute on a folder in a certain way.

*WARNING* Executing the below command on a live system will corrupt the drive and possibly make it inaccessible. ONLY test this command in a virtual machine that you can restore to an earlier snapshot if the drive becomes corrupted. *WARNING*

An example command that corrupts a drive is shown below.

Command. Use at your risk.

The Windows NTFS Index Attribute, or '$i30' string, is an NTFS attribute associated with directories that contains a list of a directory's files and subfolders. In some cases, the NTFS Index can also include deleted files and folders, which comes in handy when conducting an incident response or forensics.

It is unclear why accessing this attribute corrupts the drive, and Jonas told BleepingComputer that a Registry key that would help diagnose the issue doesn't work.