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Windows 10 cant remove English US


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2005
This is a rant:

After every update of windows 10 I had to go to languages and remove English US (I think & speak English UK, not English US)

This last update (which installed without my permission) has now made it impossible to remove English US

Already done:
Display language is English UK

Cant figure out how to remove:
English US Handwriting recognition
English US Speech recognition
English US Text to speech

Or how to change those last 3 to English UK? Because I think those 3 block removal of the language entirely.

SOLVED: Is there another way to remove the Language selection (ENG) stealing space in my task tray?
Solution: Settings > Personalisation > Taskbar > Turn system icons on or off > Input selector Off

I guess I'll have to live with English US stealing resources in the background and features I don't need (speech and handwriting recognition)

I think the aim of Microsoft is to alienate as many users as possible... Linux looking better with each Win10 update.

Maybe I'm getting old.


Honorary Master
Nov 1, 2010
I guess, Windows just gets worse and I agree.

You can't remove default language. I did it in the Control Panel in the past - keyboard and languages. Add UK language, optionally add UK keyboard (if you type UKP and Euro characters). Make UK a default language and restart Windows. After restart you will be able to remove US component, input selector will not show up. System spelling, speech and Cortana should pickup changes and will be busy downloading UK stuff. If not, adjust settings in the new Settings app.

In future when you download ISO, chose international version, it has UK language as default.

BTW, During first few weeks you can restore previous OS, it is what I suggest to do.
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