Wireless to Fibre/Satellite Options Cape Town?


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May 4, 2009
I'm busy putting feelers out there for experiences with any fibre alternative in Cape Town.

Looking for any isp/package that offers any upload speed that's upwards from at least 2mb. Have 2 users in my household, one for business in the entertainment industry (not too heavy use though sometimes media file uploads to a cloud) and one for gaming/streaming.

I recently just heard about satellite and never thought possible, so firstly what's everyone's experiences with it? As well as what isp's offer this? Google isn't that helpful.

Though I just saw the Skywire ad here on the forums, so I have an enquiry on route to them now.

The other angle is wireless to fibre, and I came across "Wibre." I'm also quite unsure of this as I saw these reviews on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/PcNetworkSa/reviews/

Then also this somewhat balanced written review here: http://www.richwood.co.za/2017/01/review-wireless-internet-from-wibre.html

So it's hard to come off with an opinion on them, and I don't want to fork out and commit to installation costs and I get screwed over.

So the second part is, what's everyone's experiences with wireless to fibre? What other isp's offer this? Also not Google friendly.

I'm sorry if I'm talking absolute smack here and completely incorrect, though that's all I'm trying to do is get more educated on the topic.