Woman pretends to be dog, scares off burglar


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Jun 12, 2007
A woman in Georgia scared off a burglar who was trying to break into her home - by pretending to be a large dog.

The attempted break-in occurred at around 11pm on Saturday night in Athens, Georgia, when the woman spotted a suspicious man trying to turn the doorknob of her front door.

Thinking quickly, the woman dropped to the floor, and started scratching at the door and imitating a dog - although, as the Athens Banner-Herald newspaper reports, 'what dog-like behaviors she specifically mimicked remains unknown.'

The woman said the man quickly ran away when she began her dog impersonation. Police searched the neighbourhood for the man, but did not find him; the investigation continues.


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Jan 30, 2004
Bwhahahahahaha what an awesome story and just goes to show that having a dog around can prevent crime regardless if it really is a dog.


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Mar 16, 2009
You will be surprised what you come up with when death is near.

About 15 years I had a bachelors flat behind the Old Claridges Hotel in Greenpoint, it had a sliding door with rail (not really a balcony - decorative).

It was 04:55 in the morning, it was January and hot and I was skinsleeping, when I heard the sound of something slapping onto steel.

I woke up instantly in full alert mode, nano seconds passed in slow motion as my brain flooded with all the right chemicals to survive.

I did not move.

From the *corner of my eye I saw a man halfway over the rail, one leg over, two hands on the rail and the other leg about to be swung over. (* I couldn't actually see this with my eyes, this is the picture my brain formed from audio and other clues)

Time crawled, chemicals pumped, I thought.

I acted.

In the deepest voice I could muster I shouted " HAY !.."

The man dropped down, one floor, hurt his leg and limped away, with me shouting afterwards " HELP HELP, get him, GET him !" waking the neighbourhood (all flats) and the man was chased, but got away.

Later that day, I fainted at work from shock.