Woolworths stores targeted by explosive devices in Durban


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Police are probing two cases of arson after dual attacks on Woolworths stores in the Gateway and Pavilion Malls in Durban.

One “incendiary device” was planted in Woolworths in Gateway which caused a fire and prompted an evacuation of the shop.

Another device had been planted in Woolworths in Pavilion‚ which had been detonated overnight.

The device at the Gateway store‚ understood to have been fashioned from a cell phone and propellant‚ had been planted in a jacket pocket in a clothing rack.

The device was then triggered which caused a fire which was extinguished by internal sprinkler systems.

Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Thulani Zwane said that the fire at the Pavilion was reported in the early hours of the morning.

“When the police arrived at the scene‚ they investigated and found a device which looks like a cell phone. It was taken away by the Explosive Unit for further investigation‚” he said.


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Mmm. Puts one in mind of the previous failed BDS attacks on Woolworths. Perhaps a little BDS-inspired huddle of wannabe terrs deciding to move their stab for Palestinian liberation to the next phase?


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obviously the terrorist-lite idiots from BDS or the like again ..... that's what happens when slugs aren't neutralized the first time around
Meh. If evidence comes to light that it's BDS. Even though they've done nothing about woolies for months/years and publically withdrew the boycott, I'll condemn them wholeheartedly.

Until then you are pulling accusations out of your ass.